Attention to Detail

Each and every person in our organization maintains an extreme attention to detail.  Every detail matters to our team, from the style details to the machinery settings.


Commitment to Quality

Our team is devoted to delivering consistent high-quality product. We hold each lot, whether its a uniform, a runway garment, or a simple accessory to the highest standards of quality.


Respect of Self and Respect to Others

Our culture demands respect for every step in the process and, therefore, the people that perform them. Every role is appreciated and respected, since even the seemingly simple operation has a huge impact on the final product.


Teamwork & Appreciation

Collaboration and community information are necessary for a flexible manufacturing response to the ever-changing world of women’s luxury garments. Our systems and software embrace collaboration and transparency at every step in the manufacturing process.


Always build Efficiency

We focus on upstream engineering to drive inline efficiencies. Whether it's a new process or an idea to make a garment more manufacturing friendly, a more efficient product is a higher quality product.